Tuesday 24 April 2018
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It is important to have your chimney swept even if you have not been using it as there may still be

  • A build up of cobwebs
  • Possible birds nests
  • build up of tar and soot
  • any other possible obstructions

these are all potential fire hazard when lighting a fire

Chimneys should be cleaned by brushing to avoid the danger of fire on a time scale depending on the frequency of use but at the very least once a year.

Branch cobwebslg

A clean chimney is an efficient chimney and safe to use, eliminating the risk of smoky rooms and any carbon monoxide fumes.

During a routine sweep our engineers will check the state of the Flue and the air vents if fitted ensuring a safe environment, at the end of the sweep because we are a N.A.C.S registered company a certificate of sweeping will be issued for insurance purposes